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Emerging technologies to elevate today's workforce

Employees practice soft skills in a safe setting with AI avatar tutors

A seamless learning journey

Step 1: Set your objectives

Define clear learning goals tailored to your organization's unique needs. TrainingLab offers categories such as Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership that can help target exactly what a team, department, or organization needs.

Step 2: Watch video training

Engage employees with concise video modules introducing key concepts. Learning objectives for each session are presented to the employee so that they can practice the objectives during a learning session.

Step 3: Role-play with AI characters

Immerse your team in unscripted, narrative-driven conversations with AI characters. The AI characters are programmed for flexibility, contextuality, and safety. Each character has a unique personality and is part of a specific learning session. This allows the employee to practice with different types of personalities as they learn more skills.

Step 4: Receive instant, personalized feedback

Receive immediate, personalized feedback from AI tutors, adapting to each individual's unique method of communicating. When learning objectives are practiced in conversation, the feedback is displayed on screen immediately so that the employee knows that they practiced the skill successfully in real time.

Step 5: Monitor performance through compliant assessments

Prove mastery through assessments, ensuring tangible progress and effective learning for each employee. Performance data is provided to each employee after successful completion of a training session. The employee learns what they did well and what skills need improving.

Step 6: Track progress

Effortlessly monitor development, engagement and effectiveness through our intuitive employee dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed at any time, but is most useful after completing a quest to see performance scores and to learn what areas need to be improved.

Step 7: Improve through continuous repetition

Continuously refine skills through short, focused quests, making learning an ongoing adventure. Repetition is the key to effective learning. Skills that have been learned and practiced will be required again for future quests. Continuous repetition ensures reinforcement of a particular soft skill when practiced with new AI characters.

Why TrainingLab?

VR advantage

Boost confidence by 275%, empowering users to confidently apply what they’ve learned after training. Practicing skills such as having difficult conversations in a safe environment where there is no judgment and shame encourages the employee to apply the skills in real-life work situations. 

Personalized training

Tailored quests for individual learning fosters impactful growth. Each person has developed their unique way of communicating based on their personal journeys and experiences. Training for individual nuances and learning speed is significantly more effective than training every person in the same way with the same learning materials.

Speech recognition

Communicate with AI characters through speech, capturing nuances like prosody (expression in the voice or intonation in their words), along with vocal bursts. In addition to analyzing how words are said, TrainingLab also reviews the words that are said. Our cutting-edge system ensures your communication skills go beyond scripted responses.

HR dashboard

Real-time monitoring of individual progress through an intuitive HR (Human Resources) administrator dashboard. License information, high-level usage data, completion rates, and overdue training can be monitored and addressed in the administrator dashboard.

Use cases

Enterprise-ready solution

Quick quests replace presentations and seminars

Engage in 10-15 minute quests (learning sessions), replacing traditional 1-hour seminars with focused, personalized, and efficient learning. Traditional training provides concepts and scenarios for understanding the concepts. Immersion allows the employee to learn and practice soft skills through repetition while inside a story.

L&D compliant training

Developed by L&D (Learning & Development) training experts, ensuring compliance and effectiveness. Learning strategies and programs are developed with best practices in mind and evaluated with standard metrics to measure learning effectiveness. 

VR hardware integration

Compatible with Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. We are planning to be compatible with other VR headsets as technology is evolving at a rapid rate for flexibility and accessibility.

No need to purchase equipment

Cost-effective leasing models are available for many different vendors at about $10/device/month for seamless deployment and management. This flexibility allows for swapping out to the latest versions of VR hardware anytime. Two examples of these types of companies are Manage XR and Arbor XR

Sanitizing & multi-user equipment

Dedicated devices for sanitization, supporting multiple users for efficient training. One VR headset can be used for multiple employees. It needs to be sanitized between employees. There are devices that sanitize many headsets at one time using state-of-the art UVC technology.

Data security & privacy

Securely store all data on the cloud, complying with national and international safety standards. All TrainingLab data is encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. Identifying data such as individual employee names are hidden to ensure privacy at a personal level.


Immersive soft skills training

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