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TrainingLab is priced for individual employees, small teams, and departments within your organization.

The Starter option allows for trying one category (such as Communication) at a time. The Suite option allows for trying all the categories at the same time. They include Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, and Productivity. The Custom option includes these categories, plus TrainingLab will create any categories that your organization may want.

We are launching TrainingLab on Friday, March 15, 2024. The first module in the Communication category is Active Listening. Every six weeks, you will receive a new module with new characters to interact with for learning and practicing additional communication skills.

Schedule a meeting with us or if you have any questions we can answer. Let us know if you prefer to pay an invoice instead.

After your purchase, we will reach out to you with 2 business days to learn if you already have Meta Quest 2 goggles or if you need to rent or purchase them. We will help you get setup with VR and to onboard TrainingLab.

Contact us to learn more.