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Immersive soft skills training

through the power of generative AI and VR

Transform workplace learning with:

  • Role-playing simulations
  • Dynamic and engaging content
  • AI-powered digital tutors
  • Safe, virtual place to practice soft skills
  • Adaptive assessments and data analysis
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TrainingLab brings storytelling to learning

The training process

Complete a session in 15 minutes
Review learning objectives
Immerse yourself in scenarios
Practice skills in real-time
Access your personalized dashboard

Soft skills training is optimal for: management, customer service, leadership, technology, and sales

Customer service
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How Traininglab uses AI to achieve better outcomes

TrainingLab is redefining how training is done. All learning is personalized for each individual – powered by AI tutors that tailor learning for each person.

Engagement redefined

AI role-playing interactions result in a 3x engagement boost.

Contextual understanding

Our AI goes beyond speech content, comprehending the context and nuances of communication.

Measurable impact

For the first time ever in training programs, track training progress, measure efficacy and calculate ROI.

Personalized learning

Supported by research, learners with personalized learning outperformed 98% of those who did not.

Next-gen training

Training is exclusively conducted through unscripted, yet carefully guided conversations with AI tutors.

Cost effectiveness

Identify knowledge gaps in workforce and educate employees in those areas to boost their competence.

Training leader’s thoughts on TrainingLab

"Interesting way of training employees at their speed. I could see this being really valuable for our team."

JoanVice President, Operations

"I see where you are going, and I like it. I feel like this is where we are going for L&D as an industry."

KayL&D Corporate Technology

"Really engaging. If done correctly, it has the potential to stick with learners."

JoshL&D Program Manager

Dynamic learning is the wave of the future

Each employee learns in their own unique way – at their own unique pace
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Immersive soft skills training

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