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We bring our unique combination of experiences and expertise to address the challenges that come with spending a lot of time with others in the work environment. Technical issues and ‘hard skills’ are easily understood and can be addressed fairly quickly. What is more difficult to see and understand are people skills and interactions needed to work well with others towards a common goal. Each person comes with their own unique work interactions and experiences and brings them to the work environment to work within a team. This is where things get interesting.

We believe that every organization, team, and employee has their own ‘work DNA’ and a ‘one-size fits all approach’ does not work well. We use our own level of high-performance, subject matter expertise, curiosity, understanding of human behavior, and team dynamics to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each individual who uses TrainingLab.


Good design is at the heart of every great product experience. It should be the extension of the person using a product, be effortless, and not require any mental energy. We have all used products that are clunky and take a lot of effort to use. That is why we incorporate Learning & Development (L&D) expertise to ensure that the learning experience is based on well-established theories, best practices, and learning objectives. We also incorporate User Experience (UX) expertise to make sure that the experience in VR can be easily learned and understood by people who have never experienced 3D content such as video games. We also do usability testing on our products very often to ensure that we catch any issues early in the process and design them out of the product. Good design is good business.


In building the world’s first platform to redefine education and training through complete immersion, let’s dive into the reasons behind our approach. Back in ’84, Benjamin Bloom, a renowned educator, revealed a game-changing insight—personalized education outperforms group lectures by a whopping 95%. That’s a game-changer. The catch at that time was the cost of personalization. Fast forward to today, AI is the game-changer, making Bloom’s dream a reality in an efficient way—courtesy of AI Cognitive Tutoring and Adaptive Learning Models.


TrainingLab was founded on this idea: the way we interact with AI should be as human as we are. In just the last few years AI has advanced by leaps and bounds, so why are we still interacting with it through a text box that feels out of the 90s? Why are we using technology that strips all the physical and aural nuances, the most human of aspects, from the interaction? It’s time to catch up. A better AI interaction demands a better interface.

TrainingLab places the user on a personal journey to improve their soft-skills, aiding and being aided by AI characters along the way. As the user progresses, they’ll meet and converse with a number of unique characters. Some characters will act as mentors, evaluating player behavior and responses. Others will be co-workers or friends needing help. Our advanced AI systems bring characters to life, meaning no two interactions will ever be identical, and also analyzes player responses, assessing how appropriate they are to the character and situation.

By placing the user in a virtual reality environment, and tracking their physical motion, we can incorporate non-verbal communication into the interaction. And by letting the user speak to the AI, we can remove unnecessary barriers to communication and capture the full range of user emotions. Adding subtle audio and haptic effects further immerses the user in the simulation. All these aspects combine to create a sense of presence in the user: they are in a real place, talking to a real person, solving real problems.

Make no mistake, none of this would be possible without our incredibly talented team of engineers, artists, and AI developers. Decades of experience in building VR training simulations, user interfaces, and data dashboards means they can focus on solving tough challenges and on incorporating the latest in fast moving AI tech back into TrainingLab.

In the end however, technology is only a tool. AI by itself does not solve problems or improve the human experience. AI alone is a distraction, and right now the market is full of distractions. TrainingLab takes a different approach, building upon rock-solid design and proven research to create a product that places humans, not AI, at the center of the user experience.

Our leadership team

Our team is trained in cognitive psychology, behavioral sciences, statistical modeling, learning & development, enterprise-level product design, product management, usability testing, along with immersive technologies.

Picture of Sibyl Badugu, Chief Executive Officer

Sibyl Badugu
Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Alexis Daniels, Chief Product Officer

Alexis Daniels
Chief Product Officer

Picture of Nick Abel, Chief Technology Officer

Nick Abel
Chief Technology Officer

A little more about what drives us

Our mission

Develop new, interactive technologies to inspire individuals, organizations, and communities to learn new skills, meet their goals, and prosper.

Our vision

We leverage new, interactive technologies to improve how people learn, work, and interact.

Our values

Maintain humility

Succeed, as a team

Assess, learn, and improve

Focus on the user and all else will follow

Listen, understand, then talk

Question assumptions


Immersive soft skills training

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